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Our apps and digital experiences have a lot more underneath the hood

Realtime Analytics

All our online apps update their data to your company dashboard as your data is created. See how many people registered at your events, how long they were there and what data they created with your apps

Device Monitoring

Know when your apps are online anytime day or night via your company dashboard. Check the logs to see their uptime over time

Organize Your Data

Create campaign, tours and events to separate your data into different buckets that make sense with how your team needs to report data. Search through your metrics by dates and events

Crash Reporting

We keep logs to easily debug all of our applications and will resolve all bugs quickly. Found something we haven't fixed yet? Report a bug using your dashboard and we'll get right on it

Data Download

We allow easy CSV file downloading so you can parse your participant data any way you choose. It's your data, handle it your way

Offline Data Capture

We make reliable apps that dont require an internet connection to run. Make the data offline and then turn the app on while you have an internet connection to have the data appear on your online dashboard


See how our clients use their data to get an idea of what the platform can do for you


Many companies are discovering the value of having a full platform for their data and event management. Want to know exactly how much the platform supports? Check it out


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Coming Soon

Check out the planned roadmap of updates coming for the platform

  • Fall 2017

    Basic App Customization

    Want to update the look of your logo, images and buttons on your app? Soon you will be able to from the app customization tab on your dashboard

  • Winter 2017

    Social and Email Customization Tools

    Customize your social and email messaging on the fly with this upcoming tool

  • Tons of
    On the Way!

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